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Business Intelligence & Information Analysis for NHS Commissioning

RAIDR provides healthcare professionals in commissioning and primary care with a single portal for all their information, integrating previously isolated data sources.

Latest News

RAIDR at Health+Care 2016

The Health+Care conference was attended by more than 8500 visitors, with much interest in RAIDR demonstrating the intuitive nature and depth of information that helps practices develop more preventative approaches, promoting well-being and independence and keeping people out of crisis and hospitals.

RAIDR Dashboards

  • Case study

    Data Quality

    One of our GP practices identified through our dashboards, that a patient was being prescribed drugs for epilepsy although this condition was not recorded for that patient on their GP Clinical System. The identification of the above highlighted that not only was this patient not included for QOF prevalence payments, but more importantly the patient may not be receiving the appropriate level of care for his condition.